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Jan 282015

“Whatever you perceive as changeful inside and outside you, even when you perceive as changeful inside and outside you, it is God, consciousness, which is beyond any change! Listen. The different levels of understanding. “When there is a movement, thought flow, in you, when there is a change in you, outside also changes so it is called world;” this is yoga. “Stop the movement inside you, inside, when the movement stops, outside movement also will stop, you will perceive the world as consciousness,” this is tantra. “Hey, listen, even while you perceive the change, inside and outside you, as changeful, it is consciousness,” living Advaita. Advaita.”

-Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Jan 252015

Many times the Aachara – the every day practice you observe – gets the status of religion. And sometimes the Aachara starts contradicting the main truth of the religion. And you continue to practice the Aachara leaving the main religion. Vivekananda says, forget all that you know as religion. Go back to the Upanishads. Drink [...]