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Jan 252015

Many times the Aachara – the every day practice you observe – gets the status of religion. And sometimes the Aachara starts contradicting the main truth of the religion. And you continue to practice the Aachara leaving the main religion.

Vivekananda says, forget all that you know as religion. Go back to the Upanishads. Drink from the source which will strengthen you.

In the course of time Aachara and Anushtana becomes religion. Aachara and Anushtana – habits and lifestyle – becomes religion only if you know the context of the Aachara and Anushtana. The scale to align yourself to the right context is Upanishads. Again and Again and Again go back to the source: Upanishads. Upanishads will set the right context for the Aachara and Anushtana you are following and making you live the context in your everyday life.

Neither you should give up the Aachara or Anushtana nor should you do it without knowing the context.

Doing it by knowing the context. People who give up lose spiritual strength. And people who don’t know the context they become superstitious. So for both disease – who don’t know life, and who are living superstitious life – the greatest medicine is Upanishads.

Upanishads Demystified
Bidadi, 25 January 2015

Jan 242015

“Life happens to us outside us, consciousness may be inside but life is happening outside. Don’t think if you just enrich yourself alone you’re going to experience completion, fulfillment, Life. The life can happen to you in ultimate form as a daughter only if your father is enriched. Life can happen to you completely, ultimately [...]