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Jan 292015

“All the cosmic law emerges, dharma itself emerges out of a inner space where inclusiveness and conclusiveness becomes complete! The emotion and logic becomes complete. To run a family, you need inclusiveness, to run the office, you need to be conclusive. To run your life, you need to be inclusively conclusive. Ultimately, when you merge your logic and emotion, inclusiveness and conclusiveness, it should become inclusively conclusive, or conclusively inclusively, not inconclusive. Listen. This first statement, I can tell you, it is just a shock! It is so inclusive, and so conclusive. That is why I am telling you, it can be applied immediately as a technique, and it’ll be realized as a truth any moment by you. Understand?”

- Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Jan 282015

“Whatever you perceive as changeful inside and outside you, even when you perceive as changeful inside and outside you, it is God, consciousness, which is beyond any change! Listen. The different levels of understanding. “When there is a movement, thought flow, in you, when there is a change in you, outside also changes so it [...]